Wet Wood Is A Waste!

June 21, 2018
William Hussel

Wet wood is a waste, burn dry firewood. Here's how...

Step 1 - Split. Split wood dries much faster. Split the wood in a range of sizes to fit your fireplace or stove and keep the small pieces for kindling.

Step 2 - Stack. Stack wood to allow air to circulate, away from buildings and off the ground by putting it on rails. Stack in a single row with the split side down.

Step 3 - Cover. Cover the top of the stack to protect it from rain or snow. Make sure there is a space between the cover and the wood and keep the sides open so air can circulate.

Step 4 - Store. Store and allow enough time to dry. Softwood take about 6 months, while hardwoods take about 12 months. Properly dried wood is lighter and sounds hollow when knocked against another piece of wood.

Have a moisture meter? Properly dried wood should have a reading of 20% or less. For an accurate reading, split your wood and then test the newly split side of the wood.