Lets Talk Financing Opportunities!

September 1, 2023
Hansen & Sons Team Member

Hansen & Sons offers promotional financing opportunities with the help of Wells Fargo. While we are unable to offer monthly payment plans as a small family owned business, Wells Fargo can. Through their "Home Projects" revolving line of credit you can use their code plan "1019" for 12 months, no interest if paid in full in 12 months. And the best part? No financing fees for you, so you spend no additional money to take advantage of this financing offer. Even better; if you are approved for the full amount of our estimate we don't require a down payment, just written consent that you intend to process the full amount on the Wells Fargo account and we are good to go!

Got a water leak and need the chimney repaired now but don't have the full amount or have multiple projects going at once and need a buffer in your budgeting? Not to worry, Wells Fargo's monthly amount due is based on the overall amount financed. Though the monthly payments will not set you to be paid in full by 12 months, this allows you to make good financial decisions on if you want to pay more monthly with your payments or pay in at a different time of the month or year when it best works for you. No interest is hard to pass up. Don't let the revolving line of credit scare you, after you make your final payment you can always close the account after.

Click the link below to get started!