Brick Matching The Hansen Way!

June 1, 2023
Hansen & Sons Team Member

Here at Hansen & Sons we have been known to have some of the best brick and stone matches. Thanks to the care and eye for detail of our staff as well as our excellent network of brickyards that we work with. When you proceed with our brick or stone repair projects, we give you the option to visit a few of our brickyards to choose the brick on your own if you like to be hands on. If you would like to not be as hands on with your repair, you can let us work our magic and we will find a match as close as possible. Some bricks and stones over the ages do become discontinued so they can be hard to match. If we cannot find the perfect match in color, shape and texture, we will go back and look for the best match of color and shape.

If your home is historical by the City of Madison or if you are applying for State historical tax credits you will be limited in the options available for you as the historical offices have the final say in all materials used in all regards.

Here are some local resource tools to determine if you home is historical: