Skip The Drama And Go Electric!

October 4, 2023
Hansen & Sons Team Member

Are you tired of the fireplace drama with cutting, drying, storing wood or your gas fireplace having troubles lighting when you need it? Switch over to an electric fireplace and skip the hassle!

Most electric fireplaces will comfortably heat up to 500 sq ft and a few in the market can heat up to 1000 sq ft with 240V direct wiring. If you don't want to use the heat, you can keep that setting turned off on the remote and just have the flames going. Some electric fireplaces have added the fireplace crackle sound for even more ambiance!

Electric fireplaces can have monitor displays that show a photo-realistic flame and others have a light and rotating metal rod system that alternate how the light hits the flame pattern giving an alternating flame effect. Another type of electric fireplace is a water vapor system that has lighting that hits the vapor to produce a flame visually comparable to a gas system. This system can also help introduce some moisture into the air if you are having dry air troubles in the same room.

Since an electric fireplace does not require venting, it can be installed anywhere inside your home! From suspended wall kits, recessed into existing walls or bumped out into your space with no clearances needed for heat only framing studs. Electric fireplaces have sizes large and small to meet your installation goals, as large as 100' for a decorative wall to as small at 20" for an existing fireplace conversion.

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