Always check your manufacturer's website and the user manuel for more information. They have great videos and guides out there!!!

Dampers - Keep in the heat or A/C in your house!

A damper seals your fireplace shut when it's not in use.

Chimney Anatomy - What does that mean?

Here's a quick listing on chimney anatomy and their different definitions. I hope if you have any questions, it helps clear things up!

Chimney Liners - What do they do?

Chimney liners prevent gases from coming into your home and lock moisture inside the chimney to prevent damage.

Old Wood Stoves are Dusty, Smoky & Inefficient - Does your wood stove have a dirty little secret?

Old stoves waste firewood, pollute the air and create dust inside your home. The new wood stoves are 50% more efficient and use 1/3 less wood for the same about of heat.

Wet Wood Is A Waste!

Thanks for reading our tips on how to dry your firewood and keep it dry. Good luck, it's been a rainy spring and start to our summer today!

Learn Before Your Burn....

Dry, seasoned wood is the best to burn and have your appliance and chimney inspected annually!

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How To Buy A Fireplace, Q&A With Owner William Hussel

Most madison homeowners who have existing fireplaces want to know one thing: What are my options for improving my fireplace efficiency and is it safe?

Summer Masonry Chimney/Fireplace Repairs, Q&A With Owner William Hussel

I’m planning on some major chimney repairs and would like to have done this summer. Is this a good time of the year for this type of work?

Early Summer Smelly Fireplace Odors, Q&A With Owner William Hussel

Why does my fireplace smell especially during humid or rainy seasons – mainly in spring/early summer??