Animals In Your Chimney?

Rain caps are a great way to discourage animals from entering your chimney!

Creosote Sweeping Logs, the CSIA and the need to still have an ANNUAL INSPECTION & CLEANING

Yes, these logs work but do not tell you if you have a blockage or other issues. The product also recommends that you have an annual inspection and cleaning. Make sure your chimney is SAFE!

Purchasing a new Fireplace, Insert or Stove - Questions to Ask!

At Hansen & Sons Chimney & Fireplace we will be with you from beginning to end with your project. Our estimator comes out and visits the space you are working with and lets you know your available options. Once you decide on the unit and enhancements, the fun begins! Our own install crew will be the ones that are installing the fireplace, insert or stove of your dreams, followed by our own masons dressing up the surrounding area with the stone of brick of your choice! From start to finish a Hansen & Sons employee is their to guild you through the process!

NCHPBA, CATE & Continuing Education

Education and continued learing is important. Things change in our industry all of the time and we always stive to be better!!!

What is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence is a coatiing of salt, which is a cosmetic problem.

Smelly Odors – Have you checked your Ash Dump?

You never know what people have put in your ash dump before you lived there or while you weren't looking! If you think the smell may be coming from your ash dump, check it!

Orphaned Water Heaters

The high efficientcy furnaces changed things when more and more began to be vented directly outside leaving water heaters to be vented alone in the chimney. Installing a stainless steel liner is a great way to fix an orphaned water heater.


Here are some basic troubleshooting tips and tricks for your Regnecy remote. Always refer to your owner’s manual or go to the manufactures website for videos and more in-depth information. They have step by step videos that are very helpful on their website.


There are very common chimney issues that can be solved with a chimney relining system.


If this information didn't help you. Please check your users manual and go to the website for videos and further instruction. Most gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves that come with a remote use a version of the ProFlame.

CATALYTIC vs NON-CATALYTIC - What's your choice?

What is your choice, Catalytic or Non-Catalytic? It's all what you prefer!


Always check your manufacturer's website and the user manuel for more information. They have great videos and guides out there!!!

Dampers - Keep in the heat or A/C in your house!

A damper seals your fireplace shut when it's not in use.

Chimney Anatomy - What does that mean?

Here's a quick listing on chimney anatomy and their different definitions. I hope if you have any questions, it helps clear things up!

Chimney Liners - What do they do?

Chimney liners prevent gases from coming into your home and lock moisture inside the chimney to prevent damage.

Old Wood Stoves are Dusty, Smoky & Inefficient - Does your wood stove have a dirty little secret?

Old stoves waste firewood, pollute the air and create dust inside your home. The new wood stoves are 50% more efficient and use 1/3 less wood for the same about of heat.

Wet Wood Is A Waste!

Thanks for reading our tips on how to dry your firewood and keep it dry. Good luck, it's been a rainy spring and start to our summer today!

Learn Before Your Burn....

Dry, seasoned wood is the best to burn and have your appliance and chimney inspected annually!

Did you know we offer 0% Interest for 12 month through Wells Fargo financing for your project?

Wells Fargo Financing

Hansen & Sons has financing options to fit your needs!

How To Buy A Fireplace, Q&A With Owner William Hussel

Most madison homeowners who have existing fireplaces want to know one thing: What are my options for improving my fireplace efficiency and is it safe?

Summer Masonry Chimney/Fireplace Repairs, Q&A With Owner William Hussel

I’m planning on some major chimney repairs and would like to have done this summer. Is this a good time of the year for this type of work?

Early Summer Smelly Fireplace Odors, Q&A With Owner William Hussel

Why does my fireplace smell especially during humid or rainy seasons – mainly in spring/early summer??