Summer Masonry Chimney/Fireplace Repairs, Q&A With Owner William Hussel

July 4, 2017
William Hussel

Summer Masonry Chimney/Fireplace Repairs”

Madison, Wisconsin

I’m planning on some major chimney repairs and would like to have done this summer. Is this a good time of the year for this type of work?

Answer: Yes…. But because masonry needs to cure as slowly as possible, your contract should use the following “Hot Weather Masonry Procedures” if the days are above 80°F:

  1. The new masonry (especially tuckpointing) should be covered immediately after construction to slow the water loss rate.
  2. Bricks should be sprayed with water before use to slow down rate of water absorption from mortar.
  3. The tuckpointing area should be misted with water before and after to slow down water evaporation.
  4. Mortar should only be used for 1 to 1 ½ hours after mixing. Adding water to previously mixed mortar after 1 ½ hours will greatly reduce its strength.
  5. Materials should be stored in the shade where ever possible-to keep units as cool as possible.
  6. After a top chimney concrete cap is poured troweled finish, a sealant should be sprayed on the surface to slow down evaporation.

Bill Hussel, owner of Hansen And Sons (in Madison, Wisconsin) would be happy to answer any other questions about chimneys & fireplaces. You can reach him on his personal cell at 414-429-6164. Otherwise, call the office for a chimney cleaning/inspection appointment. The office number is 608-244-9466.