Protect your chimney from animals and pests

January 17, 2023
Hansen & Sons Staff Member

Throughout the year animals and pests can get into homes through the use of the chimney seeking shelter and warmth. Remember your house doesn't need to have a fireplace to have a chimney. Chimneys are used to vent appliances as well. A chimney is a structure that extends up past the roof of your home and can range in materials. Here are a few examples: Brick, Siding, Stone and Block. Just like other appliances in your home should be checked annually, it is encouraged to have your chimney looked at annually to ensure that it is in good working order or gets the repairs that are needed. Wisconsin is a state with one of the higher freeze/thaw cycles in the US, this means that that water is expanding and contracting on and or in surfaces. This can lead to faster masonry deterioration on a chimney system that is not in good repair. Chimneys that are not in good conditions are at a greater risk of, water leaking, animal and pest infiltrations or greater hazardous health factors which can be but not limited to: system and/or lining collapse, uncontained chimney fire and CO2 exposure. Having your chimney checked every year will bring you peace of mind…

Some of the animals and pests that can get into our chimneys can be but are not limited to:






It is important to note that a licensed pest control professional should always remove any of these animals and pests for your safety. Never handle or disturb Bats and Chimney Swifts(a species of bird) as they are federally protected as an endangered species. If you notice Bat or Chimney Swifts reach out to the DNR, so they can begin the exclusion process at the appropriate time.

In order to avoid any of these animals and pests from getting in, have your chimney inspected for gaps, cracks or uncapped systems on the chimney. If you have a flue system that does not have a rain cap on it, we recommend that you have a licensed chimney professional install one that has a mesh around the opening to discourage those animals and pests. If your home is located in a heavily wooded area, reaching out to a local pest control company for preventative pest deterrents on the roof or around the chimney area could add in a layer of protection.