Is a Gas Fireplace right for you?

November 18, 2022
Hansen & Sons Staff Member

GAS FIREPLACES are installed when there is not an existing chimney, usually for a new build or rebuild in the home. We say usually because most homeowners are not likely to fully dismantle their masonry chimney and fireplace to the floor level in order to install a gas fireplace instead but that is also an option though it does cost more than other routes. Additionally if there is a prefab wood fireplace those can get removed and gas fireplaces and take their place as there's not a masonry structure getting supported by the unit like a traditional masonry fireplace does. Gas fireplaces are fully enclosed that offer high efficiencies and great heating. They have lots of different options that you can select from including; a fan, remote, with a range from 2 or more different medias/liners/surrounds similar to gas inserts. The difference here is that they do not require an existing wood fireplace, as they have a framing guide line to support them as they are non load bearing. They can range in sizes and shapes; keep it a traditional square or change it up with a unit that is multi sided, over 44" long or over 44" tall. Gas fireplaces are meant to be 'direct vent' units but can use an unused chimney or some are also capable of having power venting if not ideal to vent up or the horizontal run is too long. There are some that can redirect the heat in the fireplace 'chase' and come out just below the ceiling level or lower depending on the ceiling height.

Gas fireplaces are a great option if you have no fireplace currently in the space you are looking to get one installed or want your prefab wood fireplace removed and a comparable sized gas unit installed into the same opening.