October 29, 2018
Hansen & Sons Staff

Always refer to your owner’s manual or go to the manufacturer's website for videos and more in-depth information. They have amazing videos out there! Here are some basics...


IF THE REMOTE DOESN’T WORK - Check and replace the batteries in the remote (AAA) and the receiver box (AA) under the unit. Make sure the switch is on "remote" mode. It happens all the time!

Don’t forget to use a paperclip to push the “LEARN” button for Enviro or the “PROGRAM” button for Regency on the receiver box to relink the remote to the transmitter and them push the “ON” button on the remote. You will hear a beep.


IF THE GLASS IS DIRTY - Us a non-abrasive, non-ammonia cleaner.


GLASS FOGS UP WHEN STARTED - It is natural for this to happen while the air temperature inside the unit is changing. It should go away within 20 minutes or so.


FAN ISN’T WORKING - The unit needs to run for at least 20 minutes, minimum. If it is still not turning on, make sure that the control knob is in the “ON” position or check the mode on the remote to make sure it is supposed to turn on. It happens to the best of us that it gets bumped into another mode!