April 3, 2023
Hansen & Sons Team Member

At Hansen & Sons often we complete more “retro- fit” projects than we do new construction. “Retro-fit” means that we are working with an already existing and/or finished product and we are altering it to make it look or be new. While we can go into homes that are just being built and install a fireplace start to finish, those are not the majority of our business.

The majority of our business comes from customers in need of masonry chimney repairs, new liners for furnace/water heaters or want/need a new insert into their existing fireplace. In this regard there are things that those general contractors have that we do not such as; master plumber, foundation specialist, master electrician on staff, or large equipment machines.

We work in two man crews with the occasional additional team member or two crews when training. A crew works out of one truck with our logo and will arrive with all the materials that they will need to complete the work. And if larger multiple day projects occur they will sometimes bring items in loads each day. We do not temp out work, all of our work will be completed by Hansen & Sons team members.