How To Buy A Fireplace, Q&A With Owner William Hussel

July 10, 2017
William Hussel

How To Buy A Fireplace”

Madison, Wisconsin

  1. Type Of Fuel:Gas, wood, pellet, or electric.
  2. Is Heat Needed: Is your room(s) cooler on cold windy days due to significant glass, poor insulation, or no enough heat vents.
  3. Select The Model/Style: Consider log style (or spa stones or glass), door styles, surround style, color and finish. Due to the many new surround face options, one is usually available to fit your home décor.
  4. New Facelift: In many cases, now is the time to also consider a new look for masonry surrounding your new fireplace. It could possibly make your fireplace the “Focal Point” of your home.
  5. Mantle/Hearth: Your new fireplace may not need the same hearth requirements- especially if switching from wood to gas. This may be opportunity to eliminate that oversized raised hearth that takes up space in your room.
  6. Add A New Fireplace: Yes….with the new direct vent gas models (vents through outside wall) no chimney is needed. A home’s value will generally be increased by $20,000 if a fireplace exists and the cost of installing one could be half that price!
  7. Cost: Today’s fireplace marketplace has a wide range of models/features available from a low price basic model to a more glamorous unit with special effect burners, driftwood, and classy, eye popping frames that will accent your home.

Bill Hussel, owner of Hansen And Sons (in Madison, Wisconsin) would be happy to answer any other questions about fireplace options. You can reach him on his personal cell at 414-429-6164. Otherwise, call the office for a chimney services cleaning/inspection appointment. The office number is 608-244-9466.