December 3, 2018
William Hussel

Chimneys provide a passageway for smoke and fumes to exit your home. Chimney liners provide an extra layer of protection between the inside of the chimney and the framing of your home. Masonry chimneys are most commonly built with clay flue tiles liners. Common defects can appear in the chimney which presents the needs for a new liner which offers maximum safety and protection.


HIDDEN DANGERS IN YOUR CHIMNEY - Gaps between Flue Tiles / Flaking or Spalling Flue Tiles /Cracked Flue Tiles

WHY USE A CHIMNEY LINER? Defects, no matter how small, can begin a process that will further erode the chimney and can pose a threat to your family’s safety. These gaps and cracks can cause health risks, by allowing poisonous gases to escape into your home. More importantly, combustible creosote or soot can also escape through these openings and build up outside the flue liner. If the creosote were to catch fire in this area of your chimney, serious damage can occur,because the fire can no longer be contained within the flue.

LOSS OF EFFICIENCY! In order to work correctly and efficiently, chimneys must be free of gaps and cracks. Gases rising up through your chimney are similar to liquid being sipped through a straw. If the straw has a crack or hole in it the liquid will not flow effectively through it. Gaps and cracks allow excess air into your chimney, slow the updraft and make it harder for smoke and gasses to rise up and out. Hence, the fireplace, wood stove or furnace will perform poorly, resulting in loss of draft efficiency.