Cold Weather Chimney Repair

November 5, 2019
William Hussel

A regular question that many homeowners ask between November and April in Wisconsin is:  Can masonry chimneys be repaired in cold weather. The answer is yes – as long as cold weather masonry procedures are used.

This is what we do...

If there is snow, all necessary snow is removed from the work area on the ground and on the roof and calcium chloride used to melt/remove any remaining ice to prepare for a safe work place.

Next, scaffolding is constructed to totally surround the masonry chimney so that reinforced plastic can be wrapped to enclose it. If temperatures fall below 25°F, a propane heater is  placed inside the enclosure while working on it to provide added warmth.

All materials used for construction / repair of the chimney are kept in an inside heated area and at a temperature of 60°F or above, are brought to the job site daily, or are heated to temperature before use.

Accelerators or anti-freeze admixtures are added to the water and mortar/concrete mixes to prevent freezing and to shorten the time for curing.

Once the masonry chimney repair is completed, all new mortar/concrete is covered with insulated blankets for a minimum of 48 hours.

*It should be noted that our warranties cover all work completed regardless of the time of year work is performed.