Are Gas Logs the right choice for you?

September 23, 2022
Hansen & Sons Staff Member

GAS LOGS get installed into existing wood fireplaces, masonry or prefab will not matter for these, and require the use of the flue system to terminate the fumes. With these you will have a gas line coming to the firebox with a control valve installed, a burner tube, a grate and ceramic logs. These do not come with fans and can sometimes come with remotes depending on the valve chosen. They have dozens of different log/media styles to choose from so their cost ranges can vary, but they usually end up being the less expensive option up front, however they end up being more closely in the long run as they have 0 efficiency and most all the heat will go out of the flue system. In Wisconsin we are required to follow local and state codes which will require us to permanently lock your damper in the open position as well as install a spark screen if there is not one currently there. Aside from a spark screen if you do not have one gas logs will not change the size or shape of your fireplace opening and the exterior look of the fireplace should remain the same unless you requested it differently. If you have not had an inspection of the wood fireplace in over a year it is recommended that you have a complete inspection (service charges apply) to ensure that the flue system is in good working conditions prior to looking at this option. If the system is not in good working conditions you will need to complete repairs to bring it to good working conditions before a gas log can get installed. We can do this too as we have masonry crews on staff all year round!

Gas logs are a great option if you are looking for something low cost, already have an existing wood fireplace and only want something cosmetic.