Advantages to inspection/cleaning in the Spring or Summer!

March 8, 2023
Hansen & Sons Staff Member

Backed by the NCSG, CSIA, and many other associations, Hansen & Sons recommends that you get your chimney inspected yearly to ensure that it is in good working condition prior to its next seasonal use. Here in Wisconsin, our cold weather starts at about the end of September and continues through the end of March. Once the first freeze occurs, that's when just about everyone in the area is reaching out to get their chimneys looked at so they can start using their fireplaces and stove. This can lead to longer lead times which we understand can be frustrating since we all want to gather around the fire for some warmth when it starts to get cold outside. What if we told you you didn't have to wait until September to schedule? 

You heard us right, you don't have to wait until it gets cold out to have your chimney inspected. In fact, we recommend that you schedule in the Spring or Summer time to avoid the long wait times. We want you to enjoy your fireplace when it matters most to you. By scheduling early you give an adequate amount of time for repairs if anything comes up on the inspection findings. And if everything is good, on that first day when it gets cold you won't have to wait a few weeks for us to get out there for an inspection like everyone else and you will be all set to start a fire. Alternatively if you did not want us out there so early, you could call in Spring or Summer and schedule for a date in the Fall that best fits your schedule so you do not risk the aforementioned delays. You can relax and know that you have a firm date in the Fall where your fireplace or stove will be taken care of. 

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