TROUBLESHOOTING ISSUES (with your gas unit, remote or pilot light)!

It's nice to know that if you didn't hold on to your owners manual you can still access the information you need online, directly from your manufacturer. They are a great resource if you have any questions regarding your gas or wood fireplace, insert or stove.


Always check your manufacturer's website and the user manuel for more information. They have great videos and guides out there!!!

NCHPBA, CATE & Continuing Education

Education and continued learing is important. Things change in our industry all of the time and we always stive to be better!!!

What is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence is a coatiing of salt, which is a cosmetic problem.

Smelly Odors – Have you checked your Ash Dump?

You never know what people have put in your ash dump before you lived there or while you weren't looking! If you think the smell may be coming from your ash dump, check it!

Orphaned Water Heaters

The high efficientcy furnaces changed things when more and more began to be vented directly outside leaving water heaters to be vented alone in the chimney. Installing a stainless steel liner is a great way to fix an orphaned water heater.